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Penis Stretchers o the Century office, where we found Roswell Smith the head man of the company and several Penis Stretchers of the editors. I stated my case plainly and simply Penis Stretchers and found that their Penis Stretchers understanding and General Grant s were identical so the difficulty was at an end at once and we proceeded to draw a writing to cover the thing.When the business was finished, or perhaps in the course of it, I made another interesting discovery.I was already aware that the Century people were going to bring out all their war articles in book form, Penis Stretchers eventually, General Grant s among the number but, as I knew what a small price had been paid to the general for his articles, I had a vague notion that he would receive a further payment for the use of their book a remuneration which an author customarily receives, in our day, Penis Stretchers by another unwritten law of custom. But when I spoke of this, Penis Stretchers to my astonishment they told me that they had bought and paid for every one of these war articles with the distinct understanding that that Penis Stretchers first payment was the last. In confirmation of this amazing circumstance, they

brought out a receipt which General Grant had signed, and therein it distinctly appeared that each 500 not only paid for the use of the article printed in the magazine, but also in the subsequent book One thing was quite clear to me if we consider the value of those articles to that book, we must grant that the general was paid very much less than nothing Penis Stretchers at all for their issue in the magazine.The Century extend plus male enlargement people how to enlarge penis size didn t blush, and, therefore, blue 60 male enhancement reviews testo muscle male testosterone booster it is plain Penis Stretchers that they considered the transaction fair and legitimate and I believe myself Penis Stretchers that they had no idea that they were doing an unfair thing. It was easily demonstrable that they were buying ten dollar gold pieces from General Grant at twenty five cent.s apiece, and I think Penis Stretchers it was as easily demonstrable that Penis Stretchers they did not know that there was anything unfair about it.Roswell Smith said to me, with the glad air of a man over the counter stamina pills who has stuck a nail in his foot, I m glad you ve got Penis Stretchers the general s book, Mr. Clemens, and glad there was somebody with courage Penis Stretchers enough to take it, under the circumstances. What do you think the general wan

Penis Stretchers

ted to require of me What He wanted me to insure a sale of twenty five thousand sets of his book I wouldn t risk such a guaranty on any book that ever was published. 1This is the remark I have already several times referred to. I ve got Smith s exact language from my notebook it proves that they thought 10 per cent royalty would actually represent half profits on General Grant s book Note added Sept. 10, Penis Stretchers 1885, 250,000 sets 500,000 single copies have been sold to date and only half the ground canvassed. I did not say anything, but Penis Stretchers I thought a good deal. This was one more evidence that the Century people had no more just idea of the value of the book than as many children might be expect.ed Penis Stretchers to have. At this present writing May 25, 1885 we have not advertised General Grant s book in any way we have not spent a dollar in advertising of any kind we have not even given notice by circular or otherwise that we are ready to receive applications from book agents and yet, to Penis Stretchers day, we have bona fide orders for Penis Stretchers 100,000 sets of the book that is to say, 200,000 single volumes and

these orders are from men who have bonded themselves to take and pay for them, Penis Stretchers and who have also laid before us the most trustworthy evidence that they are financially able to carry out their contracts. The territory which these men have taken is only about one fourth of Penis Stretchers the shanghai pills area of the Northern states. We have also under consideration applications for 50,000 sets more and although Penis Stretchers we have confidence in the energy and ability of male enhancement virmax review the men who have made these applications, we have not closed with them because, as yet, we are not sufficiently satisfied as Penis Stretchers real male enhancement pill test one testosterone booster to their financial strength.When it became known that the general s book Penis Stretchers had fallen into my Penis Stretchers hands, the New York World and a.Boston paper I think the Herald came out at once with sex pill name the news and in both instances the position was taken that, by some sort of superior underhanded smartness, I had taken an unfair advantage of the confid

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