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Penis Enlargment Pills y, and the fading out of old superstitions. In our advanced development, with the first of these, we achieved a state of things in our society quite likely beyond your hopes. For instance, that feeling of regard and affinity for each other Penis Enlargment Pills which is seldom found among you, except in the midst of family ties, we hold one for another among all. If I were to select from among you a domestic circle, the most refined and correct, its disturbance and Penis Enlargment Pills anxiety from the sorrows and misfortunes of one of its members would Penis Enlargment Pills scarcely represent the feeling in a body of our people for the misfortunes of Penis Enlargment Pills any. We are shocked at your cruel indifference to the feelings of one another. When we see one of Penis Enlargment Pills you sinking by the Pg 100 wayside, by means of one of Penis Enlargment Pills the evils which you naturally inherit or overwhelmed, perhaps, with the penalties of a misadventure, and looked upon by his fellows regardless of his smitten condition, we can find no parallel to it among ourselves, except in the traditions that have come to us out of our remote ages. Your Penis Enlargment Pills national antagonisms, your cruel wars, and the immense sums wasted by you in maintain

ing millions of your people, trained for t.he sole purpose of slaughtering their fellows, we regard as the one most disgraceful relic of your former supremely barbarous state. While, by the process of social development, all your most Penis Enlargment Pills cruel brutalisms have disappeared within the range of your higher civilization, the remaining one, of sending masses of your people into deadly combat for ron jermey the settlement of Penis Enlargment Pills political and religious questions, is retained for Penis Enlargment Pills reasons which are not wholly in concurrence with our sense of breenaca male enhancement right. In the Penis Enlargment Pills first place, no element of justice enters into Penis Enlargment Pills the arbitration of a question, whose settlement rests plump male enhancement entirely upon the physical strength of the contestants and all international settlements by this means are but temporary, when the winning party has not coincidentally a prevailing sense of Penis Enlargment Pills justice in its favor. Penis Enlargment Pills All your wars and battles, Pg 101 without a result on the side of equity and truth, have been fought in vain. Your bloody misjudgments of one century eros fire male enhancement cor sale often are, and are ever like to be, reviewed and male enhancement at home resubmitted to the same sanguinary and delusive arbitration in.a succeeding one. I

Penis Enlargment Pills

n these Penis Enlargment Pills brutal encounters you stain your hands and garments in the blood of your fellow men without remorse, because the wild instincts of your nature Penis Enlargment Pills have never been suppressed in that particular direction. Those of you in authority, both civil and religious, have this to answer for. For the sake of a concurrence in the selfish schemes of your rulers, they have instituted a series of glittering rewards for the most skillful of their wholesale murderers and you have in that way been educated Penis Enlargment Pills to honor most, those who could deal the heaviest blows. We cannot take a survey of the motives which have instituted nearly all these sanguinary and dreadful encounters among you, without a sense of horror. Your civilization has witnessed only a single one of these terrible conflicts, wherein a purely humane question was involved. Your religions have not only been used to sanction this dire carnage, but have even themselves been participants Penis Enlargment Pills in the slaughter of millions of your people. Pg 102 You are not yet freed from the savagery of your remot.e fathers, Penis Enlargment Pills who, ages ago, entered those fierce Penis Enlargment Pills contests between tribe and Penis Enlargment Pills tribe,

with strong personal interests in the outcome. The loss Penis Enlargment Pills or gain of a battle meant to them male enhancement near me either a share of spoils or probable torture and death. Yet heb male enhancement you have kept alive this inclination to collective envigor male enhancement combat, when individual loss or gain Penis Enlargment Pills seldom cuts any figure Penis Enlargment Pills in the aphrodisiac drugs for men incentive Penis Enlargment Pills which impels Penis Enlargment Pills Penis Enlargment Pills you to battle. And even beyond these physical encounters, your struggles of life appear, from our point of view, to be divided between defense and attack, like the beasts of prey which still linger on your borders. Your society presents Penis Enlargment Pills to us the spectacle of a continuous skirmish best male enhancement 2012 among yourselves, your whole mass struggling to mount the

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