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Male Enlargement ove How come suddenly and face Hey, we are in the process of mergers and acquisitions with Junfeng. Recently, there are some rumors about you At this time, it is inevitable that someone will doubt that you are for for the sake of women. Hey, we want to hear your explanation about the recent exposure. After all, we don t want the reputation of the company to Male Enlargement be affected. Yan Hao crossed his hands and leaned on the leather chair, quietly waiting for them to Male Enlargement express their opinions, slowly sweeping their faces, and then calmly said The reason for the divestiture is clear, the plan has been clearly stated. And the ability to replace the prosperous Shunjie is not bad. First of all, although the company has been working Male Enlargement with Sicheng for a long time, since he.was invested by Fengyun, he signed a gambling agreement with Fengyun, and he was kidnapped and forced to expand at a high speed. His own personnel structure and internal management are basically No, there is chaos. Secondly, apart from the 50 million round of financing of A, it has not obtained B round Male Enlargement financing until now, and can only rely Male Enlargement on bank loans. The capital chain has already broken. So the peak Male Enlargement began two months ago. Quietly

converted 80 of the self operated stores into franchise stores, and eventually all Male Enlargement became franchisees. Finally, in order to support the capital demand for high speed store opening, Dingsheng constantly oppresses the supplier s account period. In addition to Sicheng s accounts receivable is still one month, other suppliers have been drawn for a minimum of three months. Do you think it is necessary Male Enlargement for the company to continue to cooperate All the Male Enlargement directors were arrogant and clear Male Enlargement cut, and the reasons Male Enlargement for their male sex enhancement capsules how to eat logic were clear. Finally, under the shock of the jenix male enhancement 10 pack powerful gas field of Hao Hao, all the directors unanimously pass.ed the prosperous stripping proposal. Moreover, no one dares to object to the personal problems Male Enlargement of Hao Haoyue. Wei Zhengfeng accompanied Yu Hao to the office, and Hao Hao fell into the leather chair what is prolong male enhancement and turned to face the entire floor to ceiling window. Wei Zhengfeng suddenly spoke. The president of the CCB just came to the phone caliplus pills hard long penis male enhancement and said that Zhang Jinyang how to increase sperm volume when ejaculating went to CCB in the morning and applied Male Enlargement for a loan of 20 million yuan. Yu Haoyue did not turn back and said coldly Tell him that the project of Xincheng will soon be launched. Give Xincheng. Wei Zhengfeng imme

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diately understood what he meant. Yan Hao turned around and looked at Wei Zhengfeng. Let Ming Li pay attention to the changes of the personnel. The available ones can start to contact. Wei Zhengfeng received instructions and Male Enlargement retired and went directly to Male Enlargement the group s personnel director, Cui Mingli. Wei Zhengfeng Male Enlargement knew that Zhang Jinyang really provoked Hao Haoyue, and Hao Male Enlargement Hao not only had to cut off the heyday business, but also blocked the prosperity of the company. The most embarrassing thing is.that once Male Enlargement the financial pressure of the prosperous can not be resolved in time, the internal contradictions will Male Enlargement intensify sharply, and management chaos will immediately cause people s hearts. Once Junfeng s merger and acquisition case was settled, in addition to receiving Junfeng s internal personnel, Sicheng also needed a lot of fresh blood injection to stimulate, and the prosperous employees were the goal of Hao Haoyue, including senior management. This is the style of Hao Haoyue s work, not only makes the opponent s vitality hurt, but Male Enlargement also removes the bones and peels, so that he has no chance to turn over. Yu Hao took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Xiao Yu. What do you want

to eat at night liquid nitro male enhancement I do. Xiao Yu sent a long list of Male Enlargement Male Enlargement exclamation marks. Really I used to safe erection pills be abroad, I cook myself, and Michelin s chefs praised me. He slowly Male Enlargement revealed to her. Her own past, I hope she can gradually Male Enlargement integrate how to make a silicone penis into his life. Xiao how to make more semen Yu sent a face that couldn t stand, Cut Then there was a long list of knocking expressions, and it was obvious that Xiao Yu Male Enlargement wa.s amused. Be careful, your stomach will fall in love with me. He vigrx for men never disdain to show off his strengths, but when faced with her, Male Enlargement his vanity is exposed a little bit, he likes the eyes she admires, likes her being Surprise move

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