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Best Erection Pills n opened a drawer of the bureau, and placed in her son s hands an envelope, brown and soiled by contact with to male enhancement bacco. It was directed to male Best Erection Pills enhancement her in a shaky hand. Across one end Best Erection Pills were written these words This letter was Best Erection Pills mislaid. I have just discovered it, and mail it, hoping it will reach you without further delay. Many apologies and regrets. J. HANSHAW. Best Erection Pills Luke did not spend much time upon the envelope, but opened the letter. The sight of his father s familiar handwriting brought the tears to male enhancement his eyes, This was the letter GOLD GULCH, California. MY DEAR WIFE It is a solemn thought to male enhancement me that when you receive this letter these Best Erection Pills trembling fingers will be cold in death. Yes, dear Mary, I know very well that I am on my deathbed, and Best Erection Pills shall never more be permitted to male enhancement see your sweet face, or meet again the gaze of my dear children. Last week I contracted a severe cold while mining, partly through imprudent exposure and have gro.wn steadily worse, till the docto male enhancement r, whom I summoned from Sacramento male e

nhancement Best Erection Pills , informs men and dicks where do they sell extenze me that there is no hope, and that my life transformnex male enhancement lowest price is not alpha q male enhancement reviews likely to male enhancement Best Erection Pills extend beyond two days. This is a sad end to male enhancement my dreams of future happiness with my little family gathered around me. It is all the Best Erection Pills harder, because I have been successful in the errand that brought me out here. I have struck it rich, as they Best Erection Pills say out here, and have been Best Erection Pills able to male enhancement lay by ten thousand dollars. I intended to male enhancement go home next month, carrying this with me. It would have enabled me to male enhancement start in some business which would have yielded us a liberal living, and provided a comfortable home for you and the children. But all this is over for me at least. For you I hope the money will bring what I anticipated. I wish I could live long Best Erection Pills enough to male enhancement see it in your hands, but that cannot be. I have intrusted it to male enhancement what is the newest male enhancement pill available a friend who has been connected with me here, Thomas Butler, of Best Erection Pills Chicago. He has Best Erection Pills solemnly promised to male enhancement seek you out, and put the money into male enhancement your hands. I t

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hink he will be true to male enhancement his trust. Indeed I have no doubt on the.subject, for I cannot conceive of any man being base enough Best Erection Pills to male enhancement belie the confidence placed in him by a dying man, and despoil a widow and her fatherless children. No, I will not permit myself to male enhancement Best Erection Pills doubt the integrity of my friend. If I should, it would make my last sickness exceedingly bitter. Yet, as something might happen to male enhancement Butler on his way home, though exceedingly improbable, I think it well to male enhancement describe him to male enhancement you. He is a man of nearly fifty, I should say, about five feet ten inches in height, with a dark complexion, and dark Best Erection Pills hair a little tinged with gray. He will weigh about one hundred and Best Erection Pills sixty Best Erection Pills pounds. But there is one striking mark about him which will serve to male enhancement identify him. He has a wart on the upper part of his right cheek a mark which disfigures him and mortifies him exceedingly. He has consulted a physician about its removal, but has been to male enhancement ld that the operation would invol

ve danger, and, moreover, would not be effectual, as the wart Best Erection Pills is believed to male enhancement be of a cancerous nature, and would in all probability grow out again. For these reasons he.has given up his intention of having it removed, and made up his mind, unwillingly enough, Best Erection Pills to male enhancement carry it to male enhancement the grave with him. Best Erection Pills I have given you this long description, not because it seemed at all necessary, for I believe Thomas Butler to male enhancement be a man 10 best male enhancement pills in walmart Best Erection Pills of strict honesty, but because for Best Erection Pills some reason I am impelled to male enhancement do so. I am rhino male enhancement very tired, and I epic male enhancement free trial feel that I must close. God bless you, dear wife, and guard extenze use our children, soon to male enhancement be fatherless Your loving husband, FREDERICK WALto male enhancement N. P.S. Butler has left for the East. This letter I have given to male enhancement another friend to male enhancement mail after my death. Chapter 3 Luke Forms A Best Erection Pills Resolution As Luke read this letter Best Erection Pills his pleasant face became stern in its expression. best hgh supplement They had indeed been cruelly wronged. The large sum of which they had been defrauded would

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